Community commitment

We're not Follow the Herd Bank, Corporate Greed Bank or Mega Wall Street Bank. We're Kansas City's Lead Bank. And we're leading the way to banking with a conscience by doing what's right for our community.

We're heavily invested in this community, and not just fiscally. This is our home, too. So we're rallying around our fellow Kansas Citians by investing in local entrepreneurs and businesses. We believe the global economy starts right here with our local businesses. And we exist to help those small businesses reach their potential, which strengthens the Kansas City economy and makes this a better place to live.

So if you need a financial partner that cares about your community as much as you do, Lead Bank is here for you.


Our mission: to deliver financial solutions to our clients

Lead Bank is committed to thinking ahead, to being responsive to the needs of clients and the many communities it serves. Lead Bank will deliver products and services to consumer and commercial clients that solve problems and enable new opportunities.