Lead Bank history

Our heritage

Garden City Bank was chartered in 1928 in Garden City, Missouri. Our banking origins, though, go further back than that, stretching more than a hundred years to a group of citizens of Garden City who wanted a bank to serve their farms, businesses and families.

In 2005 Landon and Sarah Rowland, longtime Kansas Citians, bought a majority interest in the Bank, with the goal to expand the Bank's services and markets. So, eighty years after its founding, Garden City Bank expanded into the Kansas City metro area in 2008, opening its first ever branch in Blue Springs, Missouri. (Our mailing address and zip code, however, correspond to Lee's Summit; that's why we describe our bank as being located in Lee's Summit.)

Between 2009 and 2012 the Bank went through many changes. Placed under a regulatory order by the State of Missouri and by the FDIC, the Bank embarked on an ambitious and arduous effort to recover its reputation and reestablish the Bank as a prudent and profitable, state-chartered bank.

One of these efforts led to the decision to re-name the bank "Lead Bank."  This name was chosen to accomplish two things:  first, we wanted to declare our ambition, to ourselves and to our communities, that we intended to set new standards for effective, prudent and innovative banking services - to lead where other banks merely followed; second, we wanted to make ourselves a viable choice for clients in the new markets we intended to serve, regardless of the town or city they may be from.

We are proud of the work we've done in achieving our goal of re-establishing the Bank as a stable and profitable business that serves all of our communities. We continue to invest in people, our core banking technology, and new services. In October of 2015, we expanded into the Kansas City Crossroads district with our newest branch, integrating the high levels of personal service and advanced technology to serve our clients. 

Our vision, mission and opportunity are clear:  to be banking leaders in the communities we serve. But that clarity arises from a strong sense of our history - both good and bad - that shapes how we carry ourselves and serve our clients today.

Our future

Throughout its 90-year existence, Lead Bank has maintained a strong tradition of community financial leadership. This dedication inspired the Bank to change its name in June 2010 to Lead Bank. As the name suggests, Lead Bank is committed to thinking ahead, to being responsive to the needs of clients and the many communities it serves. Lead Bank will deliver products and services to consumer and commercial clients that solve problems and enable new opportunities. Starting from its strong, 90-year tradition, Lead Bank will advance the long-term interests of customers and communities with attentive, thoughtful and prudent lending and services. For your financial future, Lead Bank is the smart move.