Officers of Lead Bank

Joshua C. Rowland
Joshua C. Rowland - jrowland@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Josh is CEO and Vice Chairman and has been with Lead Bank since February of 2008. Before joining the bank, Josh practiced law at Bryan Cave, LLP.


Greg Bynum - gbynum@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Greg joined Lead Bank as President in September of 2012. Mr. Bynum was formerly the President of First Community Bank in Lee's Summit, Missouri.


Chris Bornheimer - cbornheimer@lead.bank

Chris is the Chief Financial Officer at Lead Bank. He joined Lead Bank in 2018 after spending 15 years as CFO at Peoples Bank.


Tammy Marten
Tammy Marten - tmarten@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Tammy has been with Lead Bank since August, 2003. She currently holds the position of Executive Vice President and Cashier. She was previously client relations manager at Intelligent Marketing Solutions in Grandview, MO, where she worked for seven years.


Julie Pine- jpine@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Julie joined the team in 2017 as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Regulatory Officer, enabling Lead Bank to provide resources necessary to be the best bank for our clients, employees and our communities. Prior to joining the Bank, she was General Counsel for Mariner Holdings.



Lisa Desjardins
Lisa Desjardins - ldesjardins@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Lisa has worked at Lead Bank since November 2001. She is currently Senior Vice President, Lender.


Jim Duff
Jim Duff - jduff@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Jim has been Senior Vice President, Lender at Lead Bank since April 2010. Previously, he worked for the FDIC as Manager of Special Assets and for Equity Bank as Sr. Vice President & Commercial Lender.


Rick Weeda - rweeda@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Rick Weeda joined Lead Bank in February, 2014 and serves as the Senior Vice President, Lender. Rick was previously with Blue Ridge Bank as a commercial lender and Vice President for 18 years.


Rob Morgan - rmorgan@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Rob Morgan joined Lead Bank in May 2013 as Senior Vice President, Lender specializing in residential and commercial lending.  Rob was previously a  Senior Vice President at First Community Bank in Lee's Summit for ten years.


Barry Whiting - bwhiting@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Barry joined Lead Bank as a Senior Vice President, Lender in November of 2012. He previously was a Vice President and Branch Manager at First Community Bank in Lee's Summit, Missouri.


Peter McVey - pmcvey@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Peter joined Lead Bank in April 2014 as Senior Vice President, Director of Treasury Services. Peter is an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP), National Check Professional (NCP) and has experience in backroom operations, auditing, consulting, training, and product management/development. Prior to joining Lead Bank, Peter worked for Commerce Bank in Kansas City, MO as Assistant Vice President, Treasury Services Product Manager for 6 years.


Darrin Moorer - dmoorer@lead.bank (816) 220-8600

Darrin Moorer joined Lead Bank as Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer in December of 2012. Mr. Moorer was formally Senior Vice President, Chief Information Technology Officer for First Community Bank.


Melissa Beltrame - mbeltrame@lead.bank (816) 220-8600

Melissa joined Lead Bank in November 2013 as the Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer.  She brings 15 years of corporate branding, integrated marketing and public relations experience to the Lead Bank team.


Brooke Clouse - bclouse@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Brooke is Senior Vice President, Director of Retail Services. She has been with Lead Bank since April of 2008 and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of retail services and retail staff across all branches.


Connie Pruden - cpruden@lead.bank (816) 220-8600

Connie joined Lead Bank in June 2005 as Vice President, Compliance Officer and Security Officer. She was Asst. Vice President, Compliance Officer and loan operations at First National Bank of Clinton for 12 years. She brings 27 years of banking experience to the Lead Bank team.


Jacque Frederickson - jfrederickson@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Jacque joined Lead Bank as Vice President, Operations Application Manager in February 2015. She was previously Assistant Vice President Operations Manager at Community Bank of Pleasant Hill for 6 years.


tiffany douglas head shot
Tiffany Douglas - tdouglas@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Tiffany is Vice President, Regional Branch Manager. She joined the Lead Bank team in March 2011 and is responsible for overseeing the retail staff and maintaining consistency of branch functions between all locations.  


Jamison Bosh head shot
Jamison Bosch - jbosch@lead.bank (816) 220-8600Jabber extension

Jamison joined Lead Bank in July 2016 and serves as Vice President, Lender in commercial lending. Prior to joining Lead Bank, Jamison was a national bank examiner with the Comptroller of the Currency for 6 years in Sioux City, IA.