Treasury and cash management services

Lead Bank offers comprehensive business cash management services to benefit your business. You can put these best-in-class offerings including payment solutions, ACH origination and more to work for your business. We understand your needs and work with you to create a customized pricing solution based on your volume and number of transactions.  It's just one more way that Lead Bank gives you the personalized, flexible business solution you deserve while also helps you save a little money along the way.

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Direct payments: Transfer money from accounts at another financial institution to your Lead Bank accounts as well as debit payments for dues, contributions, utility bills, subscriptions, and loan payments.

Web payments: Allow your customers to submit payments via your website.

ACH origination

ACH origination provides you the benefit of no check handling, reduced reconcilement costs, and improved timing of cash flow as well as absolute control over timing disbursements to match cash availability in your account. ACH transfers can also help decrease check fraud.

Payroll processing

Automatically deposit your employees' net pay, bonuses, commissions or expense reimbursements into their personal checking or savings accounts.

ACH funds transfer (accounts payable)

This is a low-cost means of assuring your payments move quickly and efficiently, meeting
your payment schedules without tying up funds for the ordinary check clearing process.

Merchant services

Credit and debit card processing acceptance is essential for doing business today. Lead Bank provides you the latest payment industry technology, offer competitive pricing and payment solutions, and provide local customer and repair services.

Telephone-initiated payments: This is an affordable way to accept checks and credit/debit card payments via telephone.

Wire transfer solutions 

We can initiate domestic and International wire transfers, and assign multiple levels of user permissions and dollar limits.

Remote deposit solutions

Scan checks and deposit them directly to your business account from any of your business locations. Our safe and fast Internet-based system even offers you same-day credit.