Personalized, instant-issue debit and credit cards

Personalized ATM and debit cards

Make a splash with a customized debit and credit cards from Lead Bank. Picture your favorite photo plastered on this fun, conversation-starting card you'll love to use. And the best part is that Lead Bank can issue your debit or credit card the same day you open your account. That means you don't have to wait to put a little more you in your wallet.

  • Personalize your debit card or your personal credit card with your own pictures (restrictions apply - only consumers (not businesses) can personalize their credit cards at this time)
  • Simple, easy way to check your account balance
  • Transfer funds or withdraw cash at any ATM*
  • All debit cards ad credit cards are EMV chip enabled


*Ask your Lead Bank Client Representative how to receive refunds on non-Lead Bank ATM fees.

Report lost, found or stolen Lead Bank debit cards and credit cards immediately to 1-800-472-3272.