Earn up to 1.26% APY* on CDs

With so much volatility in the market, a certificate of deposit is among the safest investments you can make. It's an FDIC insured account that earns interest over a fixed term without the risk of losing your money. With a CD, you are guaranteed to get back what you put in and you earn interest throughout the term of the deposit. When the term ends, you can choose to withdraw your money or roll it into another CD.

That makes a CD an excellent option for protecting and growing funds earmarked for:
-Saving for college
-Your next vacation
-An upcoming engagement

And when you choose Lead Bank for your CD, you get the added peace of mind that comes from a local brick-and-mortar bank, not some online bank that you'll never see. 

*Annual Percentage Yield.  $500 minimum balance required.