Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my mobile device secure to use?



  • Smartphones such as iPhones, Android and Blackberry have a very controlled and secure operating system. When you close your browser or your app, your session ends.
  • Mobile Banking uses 128 bit SSL encryption just like Online Banking - which basically encrypts and masks any sensitive information.
  • Mobile Banking uses strong Firewalls just like Online Banking - which protects from unauthorized or malicious intrusion.
  • Mobile Banking uses your Username & Password for access, just like Online Banking. And just like with Online Banking, your account will lock down after 3 incorrect attempts from your mobile device.
  • Mobile Banking uses additional Security Q&A authentication for initial access to your account.


Q: What if my phone gets lost or stolen?

Even if that happens, your mobile banking access is secured.


  • No personal information from your mobile account is ever stored on the phone. Your password is never stored.
  • Your login session automatically times out after a certain period of inactivity.


Q: What time is the online banking cutoff time for internal transfers?

The cutoff time for internal transfers is 7pm CST for same day credit.