Additional personal banking services

Lead Bank understands that you have a wide range of banking needs. That's why we offer the following personal banking services to help meet all of your banking needs.

Mobile Banking and e-Alerts

  • Access your accounts with your mobile device (cellular data plan required or additional fees may apply, please check with your cellular phone company before using mobile banking)
  • Create customized e-Alerts to check your balance, receive notices, or to remind you of an upcoming important date

Instant-issue debit cards

  • We can issue your debit card the same day you open your account
  • Personalize your debit card with your own pictures (restrictions apply)
  • The simple, easy way to check your account balance, transfer funds or withdraw cash at any ATM

Online banking

  • Access your accounts through the Internet whenever it's convenient for you
  • Our online banking is safe, simple, and real-time, so you can see your debit card transactions within seconds

Online bill pay

  • Pay all your bills with the click of a mouse
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • Have your bills sent electronically to your bill pay, receive an alert when they arrive

Money orders

An alternative to checks, money orders are a guaranteed form of payment that can be used worldwide

Direct deposit

Have your paycheck and regularly recurring payments made automatically, and rest assured your money will be in your account on time, every time.

Safe deposit boxes

Keep your valuable document(s), heirlooms, and financial information safe and secure (Not FDIC insured).

Wire transfers (domestic and international)

Quickly and safely send and receive funds electronically