Grow your business with Lead Bank. Switch today.


No more excuses. No more hassle. Finally, there's a simple way to switch from your current bank to Lead Bank. We know switching your accounts from one financial institution to another is time consuming and maybe even a little intimidating. Not at Lead Bank. We have made it easy for you with ClickSWITCHTM, our online switch tool that safely and securely helps you make the switch.

Lead Bank's ClickSWITCHTM program offers you the easy, convenient, and fast way to switch your automatic payments and direct deposits to your Lead Bank account. Now you can easily move recurring payments over to your Lead Bank account in less than 15 minutes. With ClickSWITCHTM, you can:


  • Change financial institutions without the hassle.
  • Transfer direct deposits to your Lead Bank account.
  • Notify auto-debit payees of the new account information and update their billing information.
  • View and track your switches with the Switch Summary and Switch Status tools.
  • Close prior external account(s).

Switching your account to Lead Bank is just a click away! Click here to get started today!


Visit one of our locations or let us know what time and one of our Bankers can come to you to open a new Lead Bank account to start the switch process.


  • Work with a Banker to gather information and start the switch process
  • Receive a switch track code
  • Have a copy of your current bills with you
  • Log into the ClickSWITCHTM Portal to update any remaining necessary missing information

Note: Please leave your old account open for 30 days. Our ClickSWITCHTM service will automatically send a cancellation notice and change of account form to the previous institution; however it may take up to 30 days for all switches to be completed.