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Loan Origination

Build customized, national lending programs, including: secured card, credit card, open-end card, closed card, and whole loan programs.

Capital Markets Lending

Lead manages and streamlines the sale and syndication of credit products to third-parties, empowering fintechs to tap into a wider pool of capital, secure more favorable financing terms, and enhance financial flexibility and growth potential.

Credit & Debit Card Issuing

Partner with Lead to design personalized credit and/or debit card programs. Lead offers dedicated BIN-sponsorship and deep relationships with all key US providers, including Visa and Mastercard, so you have the flexibility to BYOP (Bring Your Own Processor).

FDIC-insured bank accounts

Lead makes it easy to create FDIC-insured Bank Accounts that are built to scale with your business. 

Banking On-ramps and Off-ramps

If your product needs a on ramp into the banking system, use our APIs for speedy access in and out of the banking system.

ACH: Same-day and Standard

Quickly initiate ACH credits and debits via Lead’s API and stay in control with transparent, real-time status updates. Multiple settlement windows support same-day transfers.

Domestic Wire & International Wire

Instantly transfer guaranteed funds domestically via FedWire, or internationally via SWIFT, powered by Lead’s lightning-fast APIs. Multiple currency support and granular controls provide flexibility and peace-of-mind.

Instant Payment

Lead is building a direct integration with FedNow's new real-time payment protocol to enable instant payouts. This will efficiently expedite real-time transactions for instant payments and settlements via FedNow.

Book Transfer

Streamline financial tracking and unlock efficiency with Book Transfers, enabling you to instantly -and affordably!- send and receive funds via Lead's powerful APIs.

Technology Stack

Reliable, Resilient Technology
Success starts with strong foundations. That’s why we designed our technology stack, including our direct integration with the Federal Reserve and real-time APIs, from the ground up - so you can build with flexibility and grow your business with confidence.

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Always-on Customer Service

Ever wish your bank worked at your speed, on your hours, not theirs? We’ve been there. Lead combines deep expertise building credit, lending, capital markets, compliance, and underwriting programs with personalized onboarding, and ongoing support.

Build with Lead.

Our cutting-edge solutions provide the tools and strategies necessary to drive growth and achieve long-term success. These are a few examples of how our technology can help your fintech.

Lending Program

Accelerate Your Lending Journey

Rapidly build and deploy customized national lending programs without wasting months in diligence or clunky onboarding. Urgent underwriting revisions? No problem. Our agile, experienced lending team and flexible APIs support various types of loan programs, including credit cards, BNPL, cash advances and more.

Payment Experiences

Streamline Payment Solutions

Streamline multiple payment processes without the operational headache. Lead's intuitive API-driven workflows put you in control and make it easy to simplify payroll management, expedite vendor payments, rapidly receive payments, offer customers frictionless transactions, and support account-to-account transfers regardless of banking endpoints.

Bank Account Programs

Scale and Customize Account Offerings

Quickly create fully programmable FDIC-insured Bank Account programs that grow with your business. Lead’s platform offers faster, more reliable and more transparent payment experiences, including direct access to payment rails and built-in Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) capabilities across multiple account types.

Card Programs

Build Flexible Card Services

Lead has direct relationships with all the US providers so you can build the integrations that work for you, with your own choice of processor. With only one API call, start building a flexible card program -including personalized designs, customized rewards and loyalty programs- for business, personal or joint account customers.

Ready to get started?

Unmatched access to money movement, bank accounts, card networks, and bank capital. You're in the driver's seat to build your own products, on your terms, without layers in between.

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